Two traps are wanking each other off

Two traps are wanking off

Posted on Sunday, January 12th, 2014
Sissy porn art


I wish I was there!

love on 03 Jan 2015

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While it is impossible to croedsrsss in a world where there are no clothes, it is still possible to be trans. So long as there are two genders with different socializations, there will be those that are trans.Now can a person be more than male, female, or something in between? Certainly. There are several cultures, advanced and primitive, that recognize more than two genders. In ancient Israel there were 6 according to some scholars. So is a feminine man trans? No, not at all, at least not necessarily. You can be feminine without being trans, just like you can be masculine, female and straight. And these conditions are more common than thought. So whaere does this leave us. Again we have to look within and this is where the murkiness starts. Because we just don’t articulate to ourselves clearly. It takes time and very often an uninvolved person to help us articulate our feelings. And Janie, since you’ve been clocked as female even while in guy mode, perhaps you’ve already transitioned and haven’t noticed.

Ilya on 09 Sep 2015

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